West Town Townhome

Chicago, Illinois
2,000 Square Feet
Interior Design

We were called in to remodel this townhome for a fun-loving bachelorette who wanted a space to entertain her girlfriends. Her wish list was slim with only one request --we must incorporate ghost chairs in the dining room! We designed a live-edge dining table around six ghost chairs and commissioned a metal worker to create the whimsical chrome base. The bubbles chandelier keeps with the light-hearted mood. The basement got a major facelift after a flood claimed it's original finishes. The fireplace was tiled to create a dramatic focal point and contrast the bright colors in the space. We chose furnishings and colorful accents to create an energetic atmosphere by day or night. In the formal living room crisp white walls and a streamlined, modernized fireplace mantle help to visually expand the narrow space.

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