Park Hill Modern

Denver, Colorado
6,402 Square Feet
Interior Architecture & Design

My clients had raised their children in Park Hill in the earlier days of their childhood. They moved further south to be nearer work but never lost hope that they would make it back to Park Hill one day. It wasn't one week after completing their former home together that they called to say they had found what they were looking for right around the corner from their former home in Park Hill! The modern architecture stands out from the tudors and bungalows of the area, but also nestles in with the trees and native landscape surrounding the brick exterior and interior. My clients and I share a common ethos to be both environmentally conscious in every decision and source only American-made goods. This led us to a uniquely sourced kitchen backsplash in a hexagon shape (representing my client's love of honey bees). The tile is made in Montrose, CO from clay material that is sourced from a local reservoir that is losing water storage capacity due to sedimentation that has been building over decades. The mud that they remove from the reservoir is high-quality clay that is used to make the tiles. As we set out to remodel the kitchen, we had a long hard look at what could stay and align with our goals, and what must go to make it feel more like my client's taste and style. The kitchen cabinets were more traditional than they would have liked, but to rip them out would have just been wasteful so we worked their modern, whimsical style into the kitchen updating with carrara marble countertops, backsplash, plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware.
My client's environmentally conscious goals also meant we would repurpose as much furniture as possible from their former home including the aforementioned brand new leather sectional, which ended up a perfect size and even stylistic fit for the new living room. We only had to add a handful of new pieces, all made by hand by local or American craftsmen. The basement was semi-refinished, we worked to ensure the new interior architecture of adding a guest bedroom and home gym seamlessly melded with the rest of the home and finished it with new furnishings where necessary.
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